Introducing the Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel, a modern reinvention of the traditional Saxony-style wheel, crafted for the contemporary fiber artist. This image captures the Flatiron's sleek design and innovative features, including its black drive wheel and natural wood frame. Its customizable flyer orientation and versatile spinning capabilities make it a prime choice for artisans seeking both precision and portability.

Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel

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Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel: Sublime Spinning, Pure Excellence

Unleash your spinning potential with the revolutionary Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel, a modern twist on a classic Saxony-style wheel hailing from the innovational hub of Boulder, Colorado. Designed for adaptability, the Flatiron allows spinners to easily choose a flyer orientation on the left or right, catering to personal preference and ease. The ingenuity doesn't stop there—with self-aligning bearings and an impeccably adjustable wheel, this system guarantees a true spin every time. Tailored for the discerning artisan, the Flatiron comes equipped with a full suite of features, including a double treadle, multiple spinning ratios from 4.6:1 up to an astonishing 26.1:1, and the versatility of Scotch Tension, Double Drive, or Bobbin Lead. Weighing just 15 lb and a 22-1/2" drive wheel, it's primed for precision and portability. Experience the apex of spinning craftsmanship—order your Schacht Flatiron adjustable spinning wheel today and join the ranks of elite spinners worldwide.

Key Benefits

  • Choose your spinning style with a versatile, easily assembled Saxony wheel.
  • Your spinning is consistent with our self-aligning bearings and adjustable wheel.
  • Spin any yarn, from delicate to bulky, with adaptable speed ratios.
  • Take your passion anywhere with a lightweight, flat-pack design wheel.

Included Accessories:

  • The Flatiron Spinning Wheel: The main unit features a modular design that can be assembled with the flyer on the left or right, according to the spinner's preference.
  • Three Bobbins: Provides capacity for multiple spinning and plying projects.
  • Threading Hook: Assists in threading the fiber through the orifice and flyer.
  • Built-In Lazy Kate: Convenient for plying yarns and managing bobbins.
  • Drive Band: Made from a durable, synthetic material that ensures smooth operation and longevity.
  • Brake Band: Part of the Scotch tension system, this band is crucial for adjusting the tension on the bobbin to control the yarn take-up.


Q: Is the assembly of The Flatiron complicated?
A: Simple assembly with manual, ready to spin in no time.

Q: Will the wheel be stable after multiple assemblies?
A: Innovative design ensures lasting stability and precision with each setup.

Q: Is The Flatiron too heavy to transport regularly?
A: At 15 lbs, it's designed for easy, lightweight portability anywhere.

Q: Are the additional accessories necessary to start spinning?
A: Includes essentials; accessories enhance your spinning adventure as desired.