Kromski Presto Loom
Kromski Presto Loom
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Kromski Presto Loom

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Kromski Presto Loom - Effortless Weaving & Creative Freedom for Every Weaver

Discover the art of weaving with the stunning Kromski Presto Loom, a modern marvel in the loom crafting world. Crafted from unfinished Alder wood and featuring an 8-dent heddle, this travel-friendly heddle loom is perfect for creatives on the go. With a new Warp Helper Loop and metal ratchet with secure tension locking, your weaving scarf projects will rise to new levels of precision and beauty. Plus, each loom comes with exclusive hand-dyed yarn for a unique scarf that you'll be proud to say was 'homemade on my Kromski Presto Loom!' Order your Presto Weaving Loom today and join the weaving revolution with a loom that's as portable as it is powerful.

Included Accessories:

  • The Presto Loom Frame: Made from durable, high-quality European Alder wood. The loom is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Rigid Heddle Reed: Typically includes an 8-dent reed, which is suitable for a variety of yarn types. Additional reed sizes can be purchased separately.
  • Warping Pegs and Clamps: Essential tools for direct warping the loom.
  • Threading Hook: Used for threading the warp threads through the heddle and reed slots.
  • Two Stick Shuttles: Used to pass the weft yarn through the warp threads.
  • Built-In Warping Board: The back of the loom can be used as a warping board, providing a convenient way to measure and set up your warp.
  • Weaving Instructions: A comprehensive manual to assist with setting up the loom and beginning your weaving projects.

Key Benefits

  • Craft unique, stylish scarves with your Presto Loom.
  • Easily transport your loom; weave inspiration strikes anywhere.
  • Experience unparalleled quality with Kromski's modern, durable loom design.
  • Warp Helper Loop makes weaving setup effortless and fun.


Q: Is the Presto Loom hard to assemble and disassemble for travel?
A: Assembles with ease and swiftly transforms for on-the-go crafting adventures.

Q: Does the loom slip on surfaces while weaving?
A: Rubber stoppers ensure secure, slip-free weaving on any surface.

Q: Will I struggle with setting up the warp?
A: Warp Helper Loop ensures easy, stress-free warp setup every time.

Q: Are the materials durable enough for frequent use?
A: Crafted for durability, enjoy creation with confidence in every thread.