Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts
Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts
Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts
Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts
Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts
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Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts

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Parts on your spinning wheel can wear out, get lost or left behind when traveling with your wheel. Here are some of the most common parts and spares for your Ashford Spinning Wheels. Need it fast & insured? Priority/Insured Upgrade available for $3.99 at checkout (US Only). I ship every day but Sunday so your order will go right out.

Check out the NEW Reducer Set for the Country Spinner 2/ Kiwi Super Flyer! Have you ever wanted to spin a finer yarn on your Country Spinner 2 or Kiwi Super Flyer without the yarn dancing around the orifice? Now you can with a 2 piece nylon bush set that reduces the orifice to 15mm (5/8in) or 10mm (3/8in). Simply remove the existing flyer hooks and replace with these squeeze and slide yarn guides. Sold in pairs. For Country Spinner Wheels, chose for the model of wheel you have - Model 1 or Model 2. Choose CS2/Super Flyer Bush from drop-down box at upper right.

DRIVE BAND SET FOR E-BALL WINDER: Replacement drive band and o-ring (for the base of the cone) set for e-Ball Winder. Set includes one of each.

DRIVE BAND SET FOR HAND BALL WINDER: Replacement drive band and o-ring set for hand Ball Winder. Set includes one of each. 

CON ROD CONNECTING JOINTS: All three types available. Leather joints (typically used on Ashford's older wheels) measure 9/16″ L X 2 5/8″ W X 1/8″ Thick. Holes already in place for attachment. The Clear Plastic joint measures 2 3/4″ long and a 1/4″ in diameter. The black rubber joint has been the one used on their more recent wheels and measures 2 3/4" L X 1/2" W (at the round end) and 3/8" at the square end.

MAIDEN UPRIGHTS: For Traditional, Traveller and Elizabeth. Sold in pairs includes screws.

FLYER BEARING SETS: These are the sets, with both parts and three parts to the reducer set. Three sizes - standard contains a 1/2" Front Bearing & a 1/4" Rear Bearing. Jumbo contains a 3/4" Front Bearing & 1/4" Rear Bearing. Jumbo Bearing Reducer Set contains the jumbo bearing and an reducer insert for the standard flyer. Single parts also available.

WHEEL MAINTENANCE KIT: Keep your spinning wheel well maintained and it will last a lifetime! Maintenance Kit has all the most common spare parts needed along with spinning wheel oil to keep your wheel properly lubricated for smooth spinning. Add this kit to your purchase here for only $1.00 in shipping cost.

COTTON DRIVE BANDS: Replacement Bands for Single and Double Drive Ashford Wheels

POLYCORD DRIVE BANDS for the Joy, Kiwi, and Country Spinner come already cut to length and ready to mount. Cotton drive bands for double drive models. Choose your belt/band from drop-down box at upper right.

NYLON BRAKE BAND: For all single drive (Scotch Tension) Ashford wheels.

BRAKE BAND SET: 2 Tension springs and 1 Nylon brake band

BRAKE BAND SET FOR E-SPINNER 3: 2 Tension springs (specifically for E-Spinner 3) and Nylon Band.

BARREL NUT FOR WHEELS: Fits most Ashford Wheels.

SPINNING WHEEL ORIFICE HOOKS from Ashford come in three types: Wire hook with tether, unfinished wooden handle hook (pear shaped) & lacquered wooden handle hook (also pear shaped).

SPINNING WHEEL ORIFICE HOOKS from Schacht (made of hardwood with an easy grip pear shape) and Ashford's wire orifice hook with tether.

E-SPINNER DC CAR ADAPTER CORD: 12 Volt adapter to take your E-Spinner on the road with you. Plugs into your cigarette lighter and spin away!

E-SPINNER FOOT CONTROLLER PEDAL: Start and stop your eSpinner without using your hands. Tap to turn on tap to turn off. For all eSpinners manufactured after January 2016 that include the foot controller plug on the rear power panel.
COMPLETE SCOTCH TENSION KNOB KIT: This kit contains the Scotch Tension Knob, Tension Spring, Cup Hook, Eye Hook & Brake Band.

LAZY KATE RODS: Tensioned Lazy Kate comes with thick metal rods and sell individually. as "Lazy Kate Rod". Upright Lazy Kate uses thinner metal rods/wires and sell in a three pack, listed as 3/Pk Lazy Kate Wire

TENSION SPRINGS: Two sizes - standard tension spring for most Ashford wheels and the E-Spinner 3 Tension Spring, which is smaller. Choose from drop down box at upper right.

Also available are Nylon Brake Bands, Hub Pins, Tension Springs, Flyer Hooks, Threading Hooks, Jumbo Reducer Bushing (Jumbo to Standard), Jumbo Orifice Reducer Bushing (For Jumbo Flyer Orifice). See choices in drop-down box.


DRUM CARDER AWL/PICKER: For lifting your batt off drum carder:

DRUM CARDER PACKER BRUSH KIT: Adjustable packer brush to smooth, control and pack more fiber onto the large drum. Card mohair, angora, alpaca and other fine low crimp fibres. Fits all Ashford 20cm drum carders.

Missing a rod on a lazy kate? Older versions sometimes only have two rods instead of three. Three is always better than two, right?

Sliding hook/loop guides for flyers in both sizes are here:

If your part is wheel specific, please mention in your order what wheel model you have to make sure you receive the exact part for it.

I ship every day but Sunday. Your order will go out immediately.