Ashford SampleIt Loom
Ashford SampleIt Loom
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Ashford SampleIt Loom

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Ashford SampleIt Loom: Instant Weaving Magic for Beginners and Pros

Unveil your creative potential with the Ashford SampleIt Loom Kit – a beacon of convenience and quality for beginners and seasoned weavers alike. This affordable rigid heddle loom embodies portability, transforming into your trusted travel-size weaving equipment at a moment's notice. Dive into diverse textures and patterns seamlessly, thanks to its innovative double heddle feature. Order your compact beginner weaving loom today and embark on a journey of endless creativity with the complimentary warp and weft of versatile reeds! Experience the joy of weaving with an easy-to-use weaver loom that's compact yet uncompromising on functionality. Bring the artistry of loom weaving to your doorstep with our portable weaving loom kit, and join the legion of crafters who choose Ashford for excellence.

Key Benefits

  • Craft exclusive designs with versatile weaving patterns just for you.
  • Master weaving with easy-to-follow instructions and portable design.
  • Weave unique scarves and fabric and explore your yarn's potential.
  • The ideal, thoughtful present for the aspiring artisan in your life.

Included Accessories:

  • The SampleIt Loom Frame: Made from strong, durable New Zealand Silver Beech wood. This compact loom is lightweight and very portable.
  • Reed: A 7.5 dent reed is included, which is suitable for a variety of yarn weights.
  • Warping Peg and Clamps: Essential for direct warping the loom, these tools help in setting up the warp threads.
  • Threading Hook: Used for threading the warp threads through the reed.
  • Two Shuttles: Usually, two stick shuttles are included, which match the width of the loom to facilitate the weaving process.
  • Warping and Weaving Instructions: Comprehensive manuals and instructions for setting up and using the loom.


Q: Is the SampleIt Loom too basic for experienced weavers?
A: Offers advanced features, double heddle option expands creative possibilities.

Q: Will I outgrow this loom quickly as a beginner?
A: Its versatility and expansion options make it a lasting choice.

Q: Can the loom handle larger projects effectively?
A: Perfect for sampling, yet ample 10" width accommodates scarves and fabrics.

Q: Are additional accessories necessary and costly?
A: Comes with essentials; free shipping on additional affordable Ashford accessories.