Ashford Country Spinner 2: A durable, double treadle spinning wheel for crafting bulky yarns. Its foot-powered motion ensures smooth operation, and the natural wood finish adds a touch of elegance to your fiber art projects.

Ashford Country Spinner 2

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Ashford Country Spinner 2: Double Treadle & Jumbo Bobbin for Bold Yarns

Discover the pinnacle of yarn spinning with the Ashford Country Spinner 2 Double Treadle - your ultimate companion for creating sumptuous, chunky knits and luxurious, woven rugs. This high-capacity bobbin spinner boasts a massive 27mm orifice, flawlessly crafted to handle the thickest of yarns and fulfill your grandest creative visions. The seamless double treadle operation and the new nylon universal bearings ensure a smooth and effortless spinning experience, perfecting every twist and fiber. Spinning enthusiasts, it's time to elevate your craft with the Country Spinner 2, the paramount bulky yarn spinning wheel designed for aspiring artisans who dream big. Order now and embark on a journey of unparalleled spinning mastery.

Key Benefits

  • Experience effortless spinning with our high-capacity, smooth double-treadle spinner.
  • Your crafting is tireless with the Ashford Country Spinner's maintenance-free operation.
  • Create unique, chunky masterpieces easily with the sensitive tension-adjusted flyer.
  • Achieve perfect plying for your projects with the spinner's precise bobbin features.

Included Accessories:

  • The Country Spinner 2 Wheel: The main spinning unit, which features a very large orifice, bobbin, and flyer designed for spinning thick, bulky yarns.
  • One Huge Bobbin: Allows for spinning very large amounts of yarn without frequent changes.
  • Threading Hook: Helps thread the fiber through the large orifice and flyer.
  • Built-In Lazy Kate: Simplifies plying from two bobbins, integrated into the design for convenience.


Q: Does the Ashford Country Spinner 2 need to be more convenient for home use?
A: Designed for easy home setup; an enjoyable, spacious spinning experience.

Q: Can't I find a similar spinner for less cost elsewhere?
A: Unique, unparalleled features justify the investment for passionate spinners.

Q: Can I spin thicker yarns easily?
A: The large orifice and special ratios make thick yarn spinning simple.

Q: Isn't maintenance going to be challenging and costly?
A: Enjoy a maintenance-free experience with high-quality, durable components.