USA Made Swinging Wool Triple Picker

USA Made Swinging Wool Triple Picker

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Ask me about layaway for items in my shop if this would work for you.

 Please read the description. Brother does not ship free anymore - I will get a quote from them since buyers' locations are all different and a quote will be specific to you. I will then add the shipping to your order and send an invoice for the difference. 

 This is the Cadillac of all swinging wool pickers.
This is the perfect fiber-preparation tool to tease, open and blend fibers to prepare them for carding. Carding unteased fibers can damage both the fibers and the carder teeth.
Infinitely faster and more thorough than hand teasing.
Impressive density of picker teeth - over 620.
Effortless, swinging on sealed ball bearings.
Picked fibers often spinnable without carding.
Sturdy and attractive Oak frame.
Shipped fully assembled.
Size 24" long, 24" high, 12" wide, weight 28 lbs.
Table clamps for stability while using.
Full directions for use.
Security locking device, with padlock supplied.
Now with Stainless steel upper cradle arms and shaft.
They can be very dangerous and must be treated with respect, please understand that before ordering.

Our points are ground, polished and hardened to maintain their sharpness. Do treat these points with respect, and please don't ask us to sell our picker to you unless you are a responsible individual who will ensure its safe use and locked storage.

Due to the nature of the picker, we have added a positive lock on the swinging cradle- not only to allow the machine to be carried in safety, but also to be padlocked to protect children or unauthorized people from playing with it and doing themselves an injury. It must be treated with great caution. We supply a small padlock to lock the machine when it is not in use. It is your responsibility to NOT use the machine when children are around, and to prevent others from becoming injured. Treat it with the same respect you give a power lawnmower or a sharp knife. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or injury attributed to the wool picker. For Safety, we recommend close-fitting leather leather gloves and our Picker Claw.