Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel
Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel
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Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel

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Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel: Revolutionize Your Yarn Crafting

Discover the pinnacle of portability and precision with the Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel, your ultimate travel companion in yarn crafting. This exquisitely designed, lightweight masterpiece is not just any spinning wheel; it's a beacon of efficiency and tailored for those who dare to spin dreams into reality. Boasting high-speed capabilities through optional accessories and adjustable tension for unparalleled control, the Louet Victoria is poised as the quintessential spinner for those who crave flexibility without compromise. Whether embarking on a creative journey or perfecting the craft at home, secure the promise of perfection with a travel-ready spinner that encapsulates style and substance. Order now and transform every thread into a tale of expertise.

Key Benefits

  • Take your spinning adventures anywhere with effortless transport and setup.
  • Spin the finest yarns accurately with customizable tension controls.
  • Maximize space with its sleek, foldable design for easy storage.
  • From heavy to delicate yarns, your spinning possibilities are endless.

Included Accessories:

  • The Victoria Spinning Wheel (S95 for beech or S96 for oak): The main spinning unit, available in either beech or oak finishes, both known for their strength and lightweight properties.
  • Three Bobbins: Allows for extensive spinning and plying before needing to unload.
  • Built-In Lazy Kate: Integrated into the carrying case, which helps ply yarns directly from the bobbins.
  • Threading Hook: Assists in threading fiber through the orifice and flyer.
  • Carrying Case: A durable, padded bag designed specifically for the Victoria, enhancing its portability and providing protection during transit.
  • Drive Band: A high-quality band that transfers the rotational force from the wheel to the flyer.
  • Brake Band: This band is included as part of the Scotch tension system, allowing for precise control over the tension and yarn take-up.


Q: Is it worth the high price compared to other spinning wheels?
A: Its superior portability and precision offer unparalleled value for crafting excellence.

Q: How complex is it to learn using the Victoria Spinning Wheel?
A: Designed for simplicity, it makes spinning intuitive for beginners and pros.

Q: Does the compactness affect the spinning wheel's functionality?
A: No, it masterfully blends compact design with robust, versatile spinning capabilities.

Q: What if I need a more heavy-duty spinning wheel?
A: The Victoria excels in both delicate and sturdy yarn applications effortlessly.