Glimakra Rotating Warping Mill

Glimakra Rotating Warping Mill

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The warping reel will give you an accurately wound warp for easier beaming onto your warp beam. Both short and long warps can be wound on the warping reel, quickly and comfortably.

Warping Reels are more expensive and less portable than warping boards or frames, but reels will make much longer warps, are easier to use, less tiring and more comfortable. The reels will also wind a longer warp more accurately and much faster. Excellent for those weaving floor runners, capes, rugs, long curtain panels, long bath towels and blankets.

Can be quickly and easily taken apart to store and have removable dowels for ease of taking off the warp. The reels are also relatively easy to fold up, the cross piece is held on by wingnuts. Just take the cross piece out. Reel with 10' circumference should be about 3' wide and 1 1/2' deep when folded.

Reels are free standing and are either placed on a low table or on the floor. They are a three dimensional frame with four sections and are turned on a central metal pipe for winding the warp. The turning is very smooth and requires only a gentle push. A cross piece for winding is removable and the dowel at the other end has many possible positions. So, a warp of any length can be made. For winding a warp with 2, 3 or more threads at a time, the reel will be considerably easier to use than a warping board.

Table Reel Specifications:

Height: 47"
Circumference: 2.5 m (approx 8')
Can wind up to a 30 yard warp (approx 90')

The table reel is put on a low table or you can put the table reel on the floor and sit on a chair to wind your warp.

Floor Reel Specifications:

Height: 195cm (77")
Circumference: 3m (10')
Can wind a 64 yard warp (That's a whopping 192 feet!)
Made from Swedish pine.

A second cross piece is available for making a second cross. For most weaving one cross is sufficient, but sometimes the second cross is used for making warps double length so that two bouts can be wound at the same time. An extra crosspiece can be ordered with the warping reels.

This is not a free ship item - I can invoice you ship costs once I have your address for a quote. Or you can contact me for a quote in advance.