Glimakra Julia Floor Loom IN STOCK 25 or 50 Dollar Coupon Bonus Free Shipping!

Glimakra Julia Floor Loom IN STOCK 25 or 50 Dollar Coupon Bonus Free Shipping!

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Julia is the little loom with big potential! Compact and quiet, this space saver is the perfect apartment loom. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction makes treadling nearly effortless while producing high quality weaves. The Julia floor loom has a 26" - 27” weaving width and can be moved through doorways while fully assembled. This loom can be purchased as a countermarch model with 8 shafts and 8 treadles, or with 4 shafts and 6 treadles, which can later be expanded to 8 shaft. We also have a counterbalance model available with 4 shafts and 6 treadles. It is a great loom for beginners and for experienced weavers who want a smaller floor loom. Choose model from drop down box at upper right.

Julia can produce a high quality weave, capable of a very tight weave or a very open weave. Some weavers even weave rugs on their Julia looms.
Julia is compact with a small footprint, taking a floor space of only 32"x 32". It can fit through most doorways and is lightweight for easy moving, approx 60 lbs when warped.
Julia has a very sturdy frame, assembled with bolts. The loom stays stable as you tighten the tension and weave. There are no wing nuts which can loosen as you weave. It is easy to take apart and stores in a small space.
Since Julia is a countermarch loom, the warp threads can be tightened very tight while still giving you great sheds. The warp threads stay tight for easier shuttle throwing, without skipped threads.
The treadling is always light and easy and the shafts move easily in response to your treadling.
Julia is comfortable for weaving because it is not a short loom. The breast beam height is 32 inches, giving more leg space and comfort for treadling and treadle tie-up.
Julia is comfortable for warping. The reed is easy to remove from the beater, as there are no bolts to remove or wing nuts to loosen.
Julia is comfortable for threading heddles. It is easy to add heddles or to remove them, even during threading, since the shafts have open sides and are easy to access. You never need to count heddles.
The hanging beater gives an even beat and it hangs back, out of the way. A beater cradle is provided so that you can advance the beater as you weave. This means, you can weave several inches with an even beat before you need to advance the warp.
Texsolv tie-up cord is adjustable to give you perfect sheds. Using the Texsolv plastic pins means you don’t have to tie knots.

Configuration Options:

8X8 CM - 8-Shaft, 8-Treadle Countermarche (2nd picture)
4X6 CM - 4-Shaft, 6-Treadle Countermarche
4X6 CB - 4-Shaft, 6-Treadle Counterbalance (not expandable)


DVD and written instructions
Your choice reed - 5, 6, 8, 10 or 12 dent reed (if not specified, loom will come with 10 or 12 DPI reed since that's most popular)
500 heddles
Tie- up kit
24 beaming sticks
Lease sticks
Shaft holders
Cord threader
Sley hook
Book: "Learning to Warp your Loom"

With purchase of 4 X 6 Countermarche or Counterbalance and 2 X 2 Counterbalance, you will receive a $25.00 coupon. With purchase of 8 X 8 Countermarche you will receive a $50 coupon, both good toward anything in either of my shops - tools and accessories here in TheSpinneryStore as well as wonderful novelty weaving yarns - Exotics, Organics, Luxury and Uniques.